Hello Tumblr!

This is my wonderful baby girl, Luna. She is a gorgeous cat and I love her to death.

She was given to me as a gift when she was a kitten, and she acts as a sort of stress ball. She comes and lays on my legs when I feel upset and has been conditioned where she lays in your arms when you pick her up ((and as such is great for holding when you’re bawling your eyes out)).

My parents are trying to get rid of her because I have no job and they think our house is getting crowded. We have six cats, and she is the one they are deciding to get rid of.

She has become an important part of my life and I love her so, so much.

My StepDad is planning on taking her out of the house tomorrow, but I convinced them to let me keep her until I get a job if I can get 10,000 notes on this post by tomorrow at 1 P.M. EPT. PLEASE help me! I have seen all these posts floating around about people getting their dream pets if they get x amount of notes, and, well- she is my dream pet.

Please, please, reblog and let me keep my cat.

Bless you.

HEY…. REBLOG THIS??? PLease yeah thanks

I hope you get your 10,000 notes

hey guys! i know mamakurl0z personally and gosh is she a sweetie and she really deserves to keep her sweet kitty! can we please reblog and get this around? shes the sweetest and i would hate to see her upset :(

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Yes. Just yes.

One Summer's Day | Spirited Away

One Summer’s Day - Spirited Away OST (my fav piano piece!!! EVA!!!!)

AWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Poor Thumper <3

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