Wow. Just Wow. My Cultural Anthropology class today was both amazing and infuriating at the same time. We discussed the idea of ‘race’ and its effect on how we think. The video was geared towards showing that despite how different we all look, we are more biologically/ genetically similar to each other than penguins, who all look exactly alike. Everyone was so shocked that there was really no significant genetic difference between them and the person they were sitting next to. I almost laughed.

One of the points in the video was to break the myth of black people being more athletic than white people. At one point, a girl in the video who ran track said that she heard a rumor that blacks have an extra muscle in their legs. I cringed. Do people honestly believe that we are that different?

When it was my turn to say what I learned or thought of the lesson today, I think I offended a few people by saying “I can’t believe people are stupid enough to believe that there is actually a tangible difference between them and their neighbor.” Oops. 

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In my spare time I like to look at the reaction images of people in niagara fall’s nightmare’s fear factory because

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When people act like anything mildly creative in this universe must be the result of a drug trip


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I’ve been feeling like this for at least two weeks now… I even told one guy in the hallway who yelled in my ear to “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!” :C I feel bad about it. I even broke my phone!! … anger does crazy things to people :( I also yelled at my best friend over the phone becuase I was being yelled at by several different people at the same time TT__TT I REAAAALLY hate people this week… unnngggghhh….. I’m sorry everyone!

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